Our services

Magis is the first company in Europe to have an in-house complete reconditioning cycle for garments; gives the possibility to other companies to use the internal Reconditioning Line for Garments.

What does it mean to recondition clothes?
It is a process in which clothes and dresses are subjected to a series of treatments aimed at restoring their initial qualitative conditions.

Our Garment Reconditioning Line is unique in its kind and allows us to offer various services on behalf of third parties, such as:

Used clothes washing

Customizable multi-cycle washing using the most efficient detergents currently on the market

Drying and steam drying

Treatment with clothes dryer; drying takes place by means of a channeled flow of multi-program cyclic steam and with an anti-crease cycle

Semi-automatic ironing

Steam ironing with multiple suction and customizable ironing press

Custom tagging

Phase of laundry tagging, or labeling of the single item with the possibility of affixing the customer’s label

Automatic heat-sealed packaging

With continuous automatic packaging machine, in line and with heat sealing