About us

About us

Our history

Magis was born in 2007 from the merger of two of the local historical realities of the selected Used Clothing sector.

With over 30 years of experience, we research the most exclusive vintage and second-hand clothing all over the world, and then resell it in over 15 countries.

The Mission

The experience in materials, continuous technological updates and maximum efficiency on deliveries allow us to be the most requested fashion supplier in the sector.

Our main goal is to help revive all those quality clothes that are thrown away every day, giving them new life and preserving the highest quality: thanks to our process of reconditioning second-hand garments, the lots we resell they are all of Cream Quality or Top Quality.

We are proud to be a fundamental part of a sustainable trade supply chain for the environment and to have made eco-friendly clothing our company’s mission.

The philosophy of Vintage

Vintage is a fashion philosophy, style has no seasons, a great garment never goes out of fashion: these are the expressions that summarize a decades-long style philosophy.

We work to revive the fashions of the past today, trying every day to provide our customers with the highest levels of quality on products and services.


We are always looking for special items that make fashion. We buy clothing from small or large companies.